Tips, Predictions and Previews of the Australian Open Betting

Tips, Predictions and Previews of the Australian Open Betting

This coming Monday the Open will begin with the 128th round which will be played by the best of the world’s tennis players Malaysia casino 999Joker. It will be kept as it was since 1988 in Melbourne Park, which gives our tennis stars the opportunity to once again compete on this unmistakable blue plex cushion.

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The big stars at the tribunal

All watch this competition as Novak Djokovic is playing for his 7th Australian Open title, the men’s record number. Simona Halep of Romania has every spotlight on her as the top female competitor for the women’s championship.

Though they are the players to watch, Serena Williams is still very interested in the two-year return to the Australian Open. The popular 2017 Open where she was breastfeeding for eight weeks when she won was the latest time she played in Australia. And now she’s back as the 16th player and happy to show us all the reason for the past two years we missed her.

Rafael Nadal (No. 2 seeded) also competes with the press to inquire for his pension plans in the Djokovic Heels to be the world No. 1. In the heat rumours that French Open could be missed, Federer moves up to the touch line.

Search for GB

Andy Murray is perhaps competing for the world’s No. 2 safe rank in the British, but he does not appear to inspire much expectation. He lost hard against World No. 1 in a practise match against Djokovic on Thursday and frustrated the court. 

In addition to the ailments that he’s suffered all year round, he appears to be preparing for a deceptive tournament, even though he participates, as he announces he’s going to retire if he manages to have any trouble in playing for his long-standing hip injury.

After bad results at Sydney International, Johanna Konta will enter the competition with a cloud over her head. Twice in as many days, it ensures that many worries about her health before the Australian Open. Maybe for a big rebound she pulls away and all we can only hope.

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For both of them playing

The champions will raise $4.1 million AUD and raise the big silver cup. Male and female winners will take the tournament. Runners and semi-finalists also get high paycheques for their results, amounting to a record total of AUD $62.5 million in prize money. While the first-round exit will rise by 14 percent in 2018, those that struggle gain almost £500 less than last year.

To beat the people

The favourite book for the men’s competition is Novak Djokovic, not just due to his top seed status, but also because his winning position would mean a world record of seven Australian Open titles. 

This win will not be easy if Rafael Nadal has a great deal to prove. With Nadal near No. 1 and dreaming about life after tennis, it is fair to conclude that the Spanish like to see his sport end up on top in the last couple of years. 

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